by Vaccinius on 01/21/2014


Here is Anders, God will say. And for sure will I obey that. I am not over there. God shall say that I am here.


Keep calm and carry on cooking. Keep calm and drink tea. Keep calm and drive. Keep calm and dress up. Keep calm and play cricket. Keep calm and ……. These signs have been springing up all over the place like fire flies around a bonfire. Interestingly there is truth to the reminder to keep calm. […]

Be truly qualified

by Vaccinius on 10/29/2013


Qualified by nature or qualified by culture is temporal and to ignore. Fear The Lord! Be some by this! We are today expected to be functions or roles, making up systems or plays. Be not! Be by God. This poem is published on my blog “Locuses“. | |


Nothing holy is to people who themselves are very simple. Recognizing is collecting, excellence in fact detecting. It is difficult to be a Christian poet since you are never recognized. People will never see the wonders you present. And today that really is a problem since there are so few Christians left. There is no […]

A Letter To A Friend

September 18, 2013 Community

New. Influential. Encouraging. That is how I described our friendship. You have this amazing way about you. You have such great understanding. You’ve been through a lot as I now see. I don’t even know a quarter of the things that are going on, do I? I used to say that it’s amazing that we know […]

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Calling all phonies

August 29, 2013 General

Calling all phonies. You know who you are. You fakes, liars, people pleasers, masters of the facade. Get real. Or be chewed up and spit out by the demons of this world. Demons? Yeah, demons. The kind they talk about in the Bible. The kind the disciples spent their time casting out of the unclean. […]

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The Lovers that Went Wrong

August 17, 2013 Bible Study   Before anything, kudos to my sister for making me discover this amazing song. Seriously, I’ve been listening to it for weeks and I’m still not bored…Other than that haunting voice and those powerful drums, I was particularly struck by one detail: though Youth is clearly about the pains of one broken relationship, the songwriter chose […]

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Religion, secularism, and why Jesus destroys both

August 17, 2013 Current Events There was a bit of an issue few days ago at Trappes, not too far from where I live. Apparently, a Muslim woman refused to remove her veil for an identity check, and her husband got locked up for strangling a policeman when they insisted. Violent riots in front of the police station followed…here’s […]

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Apologetics: what do we actually need to know for secular-academic discussion?

July 26, 2013 Bible Study

To keep it simple and true. What did the apostles do? They reported what happened. It was huge, and consisted of the deepest things, but it is also quite simple on its face. Truth is funny like that.   So, we get that out there, and then people hit you with all these things about […]

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One Light: which fellowship to join

July 11, 2013 Devotionals

I think it can be an overwhelming thing to be a believer in today’s world. There are many denominations and traditions of Christianity, and each shouts that “Jesus is the Way, but we’re the way to Him”. Lets be encouraged in the simplicity of faith, and have unyielding confidence that God will shield us from […]

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